Fall Classes Survey

Pacific Grove Adult School is where I teach photography skills, Lightroom and related topics. Fall classes start Sept 24, 2018 and run through Dec 22, 2018. This is an informal survey to see what people think about. 

I have had classes in basic, intermediate and advanced photography skills, iPhoneography, Portfolio Development and Lightroom as well as  local field trips. 

These classes are designed for a 10 week cycle during which we  meet for 3 hours per week and we learn the skills relating to the subject.  It has become increasingly apparent to me that busy schedules keep people from enrolling. One concern I am aware of   is missing class sessions for various reasons. Missed opportunity?  How do they makeup the class missed? Can they catch up? 

I have observed a class structure I want to propose. Intensive learning.   The class meets for longer periods of time. One example is Lightroom. The intensive learning period would be for 1  seven or eight hour day that meets once a month for 3 months OR 3 consecutive weeks. 

Problem: Missing classes. Solution: Lightroom Lab once a month with instructor for review and catchup of missed material. Additional fee would apply.  

Idea: Remote teaching. Instructor offers student remote teaching with TeamViewer where the lesson is taught through the app while the instructor watches the student perform the missed lessons. Additional fees apply.

Idea: Webinar. Instructor provides online video of the missed class. 

My other question is more about content. What classes do you want to take in the photographic area and be specific if you can. 

Looking forward to comments, suggestions, ideas. Thank you in advance.