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Monterey County Bank has been working with the husband-wife team of Fernando and Barbara Batista for over 10 years. Their experience and professionalism removes all the worry involved in a photo shoot. The on-location shots go smoothly as Fernando can quickly adjust as needed to help translate the vision requested.

- Charles T. Chrietberg, Monterey County Bank


Fernando and Barbara are always a joy to work with. The quality of their work related to complex shots that involve plastic packaging, produce, and complex lighting is always exceptional. Fernando is also a master at any post-production work which might be necessary to enhance a shot. Their overall attention to detail is impressive.

- Jennifer Evans, Sambrailo Packaging


It is a pleasure to work with Barbara and Fernando at Batista Moon Photography. The California Strawberry Commission has engaged their versatile talents for a variety of photography: indoor and outdoor events, stylized recipe photos, "beauty" berry shots, and sweeping outdoor field photography. Their photography helps to illustrate our internal training materials, as well as tell the story of strawberry farming in California. Their thoughtful preparation ahead of a photo session helps to minimize problems during the shoot itself. But, they are also quick to recognize and capture "in-the-moment" opportunities.

- Carolyn O'Donnell, California Strawberry Commission


Barbara and Fernando bring years of experience, confidence and life to a project. I feel especially confident in shooting studio still life and advertising/promotion photographs that require attention to detail and beautiful light as well as a critical eye for successful concepts. Our more than 25-year relationship say it well!

- Jerry Takigawa, Takigawa Design


This studio has a sense of wholeness. Barbara and Fernando are the best at bringing their clients' conception visually to light. With their combination of artistic and technical skills, they have created a setting that fosters great work.

- Dee Munson, The Food Professionals


As a designer, it is always preferable to collaborate with photographers who understand the needs of the client and share a similar vision. For this reason, I always look forward to working with Batista Moon. I have known and worked with Fernando and Barbara for nearly a decade - both are incredibly fun, friendly and personable and I have always appreciated the professionalism, incredible talent, attention to detail, willingness to listen and all around good energy they bring to every photo shoot.

- Mark Lewtschuk, AREA5100