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Barbara and Fernando first met over breakfast in her mother’s kitchen on a sunny Saturday morning in 1973. Fernando had given Barbara’s sister and her Brazilian friend a ride to Monterey from Santa Barbara. The couple sat and talked for 5 hours about photography, the meaning of life, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Fernando asked Barbara to go dancing with him that night. She was very tired, so she said, “Ask me after I take a nap.” Fernando thought she said, “No.”
They did end up dancing at the usual haunts and finished the night at Tia Maria’s on Cannery Row. The windows were steamed up and the tables were pushed aside for the party. While dancing, Fernando suddenly asked, “Will you marry me?” Shocked, Barbara replied, “We just met! You've had way too much to drink and you’re crazy.”

Fernando threatened to get up on a table and write “marry me” on the steamed windows in Portuguese. Barbara kept saying, “No!” Fernando jumped up on a table and wrote, “Você casar-me-á?” Barbara relented just to get out of there.

Long story short, they were married a little over a year later on May 4, 1975. Barbara and Fernando have lived and photographed together 24/7 for over 42 years. They still get a kick out of each other every day.


Photo by Kelli Udall

Photo by Kelli Udall



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