Pacific Grove Adult School Summer Registration is Open June 10 2019

Pacific Grove Adult School Spring Class Registration now Opens March 11 2019. Please join us for the following classes:

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Advanced Editing in Lightroom Classic CC. Class begins on Thursday, June 27th, 5:30-8:30 PM for 10 weeks. This course is an advanced class that covers Development, Slideshow and Printing modules. We use the Lightroom Classic book by Scott Kelby as a guide and reference. There is a handout each week students to take home for reference. The class is conducted in the MacLab but PC laptops are welcome and we give basic instruction in how to use our iMac computers. Once you have Lightroom open the program looks and acts the same. Keyboard commands are given for both platforms. Fee is $150 and does not include the textbook. It is recommended that you have recent copy of Lightroom at home or intend to acquire one during the course. Register online at or call a human at 831-646-6580.


Basic Photography Skills. This course is for the person who wants to get off Auto and use more features on their camera or refresh skills that have been gotten a little rusty. We cover Aperture and Shutter Priority, Depth of Field, Focal Length, Composition, Focus, Metering and more. The class meets Tuesday afternoon from 1-4 PM starting June 24 2019 for 10 weeks. The fee is $150. You can register online at or call a human at 831-646-6580.

Advanced Photography Skills

This course is for the photographer who wants to build on the skills presented in Basic and Intermediate Photography. This course will cover a review of aperture priority, shutter priority, depth of field, focal length and composition and introduce the histogram, Hyperfocal Distance, Light meters, Raw, bracketing and HDR concepts as well as the history of landscape photography to the student. One field trip will be part of this course. This class starts on June 25 2019. The fee is $150 for 10 weeks. Register online at or call a human at 831-646-6580.